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Meet Matly – your AI-powered maternity rights counselor. She helps Moms-to-be figure out the confusing world of California maternity leave. She’ll chat with you about how you qualify, how to apply, how long and how much you’ll get.

Ready to chat? Tap the purple icon to get started. 

She’s currently in Beta – meaning she’s in testing phase. But the more users (like you) who test her out, the better she’ll get. 

What is Matly?

Matly is a chatbot – a computer program that can have a conversation with you about your California maternity leave rights. She’s powered by artificial intelligence. She’s like that new kid in class learning a new language. The more you talk to her, the better she’ll get. She’ll answer your questions on maternity leave, and personalize her response based on what you tell her.

How can Matly help me?

Figuring out your California maternity leave is confusing. You’re hit with a lot of acronyms with long explanations. FML. CFRA. PDL. EDD. PFL. What’s the difference? And you may hear conflicting information depending who you ask.

That’s why Matly is part of a growing community of maternity rights advocates and information-seekers. We’re campaigning for an easier way to help parents-to-be understand pregnancy disability leave in California. And there’s a lot you need to know! From understanding disability benefits and the California Family Rights Act to how to apply to the employment disability department (edd) and get paid through state disability insurance (SDI).

You can ask all your questions in a an easy-to-use conversation with Matly. She gives answers in a way that’s simple to understand, so you can better prepare for how maternity leave will affect your job (and wallet).

Based on your responses, Matly will answer your questions like:

  • How long do you get for maternity leave in California?

  • How long is the average maternity leave?

  • Is FMLA paid in California?

  • Do you get paid when you’re on maternity leave?

Can Matly help me figure out my maternity leave plan?

In the next version, she’ll give you a personalized maternity leave plan based on your due date. She’ll also help all sorts of soon-to-be parents: dads, foster and those who adopt. So stay tuned!

What about my company maternity leave policy?

Matly can help you figure out what your maternity leave is through State of California. Your company may give even better benefits (or not!). So find out what your company’s mat leave policy is like and compare notes.

About Generation Spark

Matly is a product of Generation Spark. We create AI-powered digital tools that help you make better decisions. Whether you’re figuring out how much to spend on a wedding gift or trying to make sense of your maternity leave rights, our series of web apps and chatbots will help. By blending the best in modern user experience design and AI, our tools tailor answers based on your personal experience. So you can make the best decision that’s right for you.

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